Shadow of the Mouse

Growing up in the Shadow of the Mouse


Mainstreet Рimage from

Growing up only 20 minutes from Disney World seemed completely normal to me. I loved it. It played a huge role in my child hood and later on in life for inspiration. I loved all the animated movies especially Pinocchio and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Those movies were insanely ahead of their times and really pushed the boundaries for animated movies to be taken as serious works of art. I know it doesn’t look like a lot of my art is inspired by Disney but it lies deep inside.


Pinocchio – image from

I still remember walking down Main Street with my parents and even thinking the trash cans were cool. That attention to detail really set me off. You have to bust your ass and go the full distance if you want to impress yourself. I still watch old Disney movies today and find myself amazed at the hard work and talent that went into those films. I can appreciate it on so many other levels now.


I know a lot people think that Disney is just tourism and it’s for children but as someone who has grown up in the rats backyard I find so much more in it.