Kickstarter Update 2

We just wanted to write another quick update to all the people who have already pledged to our Kickstarter, and to everyone who is sharing the campaign online, a massive thankyou!

We have just finished our second week of being live and we hit 50% over the weekend, thank-you so much to everyone who made new pledges this week! we still have a long way to go, but two and  half weeks to do so. We also increased the amount of the £50 option that includes Dan Mumford’s exclusive ‘Rose‘ print as that sold out over the weekend. So we want to give everyone another chance to get that option now, but act quickly as theres only 16 left! Once again a massive thank-you to everyone for their support so far.

We’ve also got some new blogs coming this week from some of our other artists, so keep checking back for more on the blog this week!


Crop from ‘Rose’ – Dan Mumford – available through the S&H kickstarter campaign