Kickstarter Campaign


When we started S&H, we knew we wanted to build the exhibition and events side of our brand to help further our idea of supporting all artists and showcasing awesome work. When we finished the screen print series we realised that in order to help get us in the right place we were going to have to ask our artists, friends, family and the Skull & Heart fans to help us, and so here we are, presenting to you our Kickstarter project.

We really hope this campaign is a success because we know it will help build the foundations to a path of more exciting and interesting events and exhibitions. We want to thank everyone in advance for the help and support and of course, to our artists for being pretty much the best group of people in the world.

Make sure you check the Kickstarter project out here and thank you for any contributions made, it all helps!

Skull & Heart Print Exhibition: The Colour Series

The Project:  

Having created a set of 12 beautiful screen prints, we realised that we wanted to be able to get them out to the public and provide not only a way for fans to interact with the pieces, but to also interact with the artists involved with the series. We decided that the best way for this to happen was to have a pop-up exhibition in London, showing the pieces and holding events and talks alongside the show.

EXHIBITION: The Colour Series 

Skull & Heart present the colour series; featuring various sets of two prints by two different artists, showcasing both emerging and established talent as well as national and international artists.

Aims / Objectives:

The main focus of the exhibition will be to highlight the work of emerging and established illustrators and designers, giving them a platform to produce high quality pieces, which can be sold at an affordable price but without compromising the end product. The Colour series began as a way to bring together two juxtaposing artists, either by genre (a more alternative artist paired with a more commercial artist) or by experience (emerging talent with a more established artist). Each piece was created around 2 colours (one of which is black) and the two artists were chosen so that their differences will inevitably complement each other. The exhibition will run in East London, UK for 1 week and will be open and free to all.


During our time at the gallery we will have an on going live drawing event (the artwork will go on sale after the show) as well as artist talks during the weekend dates.


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