The Colour Series

The Colour Series

In mid 2012 we decided to create series of prints that would be limited edition, feature incredible artists, be a challenge to them artistically and most importantly; be affordable for all.

When we started the colour series, we knew we wanted to use it as a way to bring together two juxtaposing artists, either by genre (a more alternative artist paired with a more commercial artist) or by experience (emerging talent with a more established artist) ultimately, giving each person an outlet to show their work to an audience that perhaps would never come across them otherwise. Each piece is created around 2 colours (one of which is black) and the two artists are chosen so that their differences will inevitably complement each other.

We started the colour series with two of the most stylistically different artists we could find to see how it would actually work from conception to completion. We pitched the idea, directed the designs and along came our first two print sets. The success of the first colour series print sets made us realise that perhaps this was something worth pushing forward, we were amazed at how many people purchased the two prints together, and seemed to be excited by who we would be working with next and how the prints were going to compare to the first colour set. We knew we had set the bar pretty high and so made sure that every single artist and print would be as incredible and detailed as the last set.

Skull & Heart Screen Print Series – The Colour Series Set.

Colour Series 1: Pink by Dan Mumford & Will Exley.














Colour Series 2: Blue by David Bray & Brian Ewing














Colour Series 3: Yellow by Drew Millward & Muxxi














Colour Series 4: Purple by Tim McDonagh & Tom J Newell














Colour Series 5: Green by Palehorse & Mr Gauky














Colour Series 6: Red by Horsebites & Iain Macarthur













Thank you to everyone who has purchased a print, written a blog post or helped spread the word – your support means the world to us. Don’t forget that prints are still available to purchase online at our store, but once they have gone, they will be gone. (purchase here).


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