Past: Hear Me Roar Exhibition

In the summer of 2015 we announced one of our most epic projects here at Skull & Heart; Hear Me Roar – An all-female art and illustration exhibition.

Curated and organised by S&H’s Art Director, Skye Kelly-Barrett, the exhibition featured 34 of the most talented and kick ass female artists in the creative industry, with 60 pieces on show.

The exhibited artists include:

Brie Finn / Bunny Bissoux / Caitlin Hackett / Chelsea Shoneck / Christina Mrozik / Ciara Phelan / Claudia De Sabe / Elena Gumeniuk / Ellannah Sadkin / Emily Forgot / Hannah Adamaszek / Hannah Truran / Hannah Waldron / Helena Perez Garcia / Jess Das / Kate Prior / Keeley Sheppard / Kristyna Baczynski / Laura Callaghan / Lauren YS / Leah Stewart / Liane Plant / Lou Hopper / Lucy Snowdon / Lynnie Zulu / Marjolein Caljouw / Miss Led / Muxxi / Pippa Toole / Sam Dunn / Shae Detar / Suzi Kemp / Tasha Wild / Yema Yema

After the exhibition, we self published an art book from the exhibition that featured interviews and portfolio images from each of the artists. The book is a limited edition of 100, embossed and numbered. If you are interested in picking up one of these books, please head over to the S&H store where the final copies of the run are available:

Photographer for the event: Sarah Chaudry

Videographer from the event: Alan of DirtyFace

With thanks to:


Sassy Drinks


Exhibition opening party video below: