Come Out To Play

Around the same time we launched our new Kickstarter we noticed another pretty awesome Kickstarter go live. ‘Come Out To Play’ by New Rule, we caught up with the guys at New Rule to ask them a few questions about their new Kickstarter project.

So tell us a bit about who New Rule is?

New Rule is a London based collective who focus on releasing illustration publications and hosting exhibitions. Formed in 2013 by Michael Crozier and Thomas Key, through a want to create a platform that would bring together and showcase people they knew and admired.

You recently started a new Kickstarter ‘Come Out To Play‘, around the same time us as us, whats the general idea behind it?

Come Out To Play is an illustrated tribute to 1979 cult movie classic The Warriors, celebrating its 35 year anniversary. Featuring work from 24 UK artists and culminating in an exhibition and book release at 5th Base gallery, just off Brick Lane in Shoreditch. Running for a week beginning the evening of Thursday 10th April. The Kickstarter was created so that people could pre-order the book, along with two special prints from the exhibition, with the aim to provide a bit of upfront funding for the project.


Come out to play  –  Tom Newell & Boneface

An amazing film to make a tribute for! So what about the artists you have involved in the project? whos on board?

We have an all-star line up of artists and illustrators, each based in the UK, but with reputations spanning every corner on the globe. These include traditional illustrators who work in music, advertising, and fashion industries, and well as more contemporary artists who’s work can be seen adorning most of East London as street art. We have strived to include as wide a variety of styles and methods of practice in the participants, to deliver an exciting and diverse show.

The full line up is as follows:

Mr. Penfold // Jack Hudson // Suzi Kemp // Boneface // Robin Davey // Croz //
Thomas Key // Jamie Jones // Mr Gauky // Tom Mac // Tom J Newell // 45RPM //
Pete Murgatroyd // Fred Dirge // Robin Boyden // Benjamin Foxwell // Kate Prior
Dan Woodger // Loose Limbed // Sophie Alda // Biff Smith // James Burgess //
Carl Koch


Come Out To Play – Pete Murgatroyd

Thats a pretty stellar lineup, some fantastic artists in there, including Mr Gauky and Tom Newell who we had the pleasure of working with on our colour series! How have you found the kickstarter process so far? 

The Kickstarter process has been great! We really didnt expect to hit our target so quickly, and we certainly didnt expect to be at 210% with 20 days to go.


Come Out To Play – Mr Gauky & Croz

Thats a fantastic achievement to hit that mark so quickly! can you elaborate on why you chose to utilise kickstarter for part of the project?

We chose to use Kickstarter because we feel it is a very powerful platform to promote and fund projects, especially ones in the creative/design fields.


Come Out To Play – Jack Hudson & Mr Penfold

Pretty much the same reason we chose to do it too, its certainly a very modern way to do things. Do you think it has helped open you up to new audiences?

I think using Kickstarter has definitely helped Come Out To Play reach a wider audience than if we hadnt used it. Theres a whole community of people that frequently back projects on Kickstarter, and quite a number of backers to our project have found it through the site itself.


Apart from ‘Come Out To Play‘, Anything else in the works coming up?

We have plans for another show later in the year, falling over Halloween, and hopefully releasing a series of one off prints with selected artists as well. But first we’re focusing on making Come Out To Play as successful and exciting as we can!


Make sure to check out the Come Out To Play Kickstarter and New Rule online!