Crystal Skulls : History, legends and myths

How were the crystal skulls made?

Crystal skulls are mostly made of quartz rock and are known to be able to store a large amount of memory. Therefore they serve as energy conductors between the earth and the universe in some people's minds. The skulls are available in different designs. For example, they are made of smoky quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine or rock crystal, but also of many other types of rock.


The history of crystal skulls

When we see a skull, also known as a human skull, we automatically associate it with mortality or death. This meaning is strongly negatively charged by religions and traditions of earlier cultures. It is completely ignored that death also has many positive aspects and is inevitable. It does not only stand for a negative end, but also for a new beginning, transition, change, transformation and a step into another dimension full of spiritual growth and power.

The meaning of crystal

Why is the skull made of crystals? Crystals were formed over a period of several million years in the depths of the earth and only grew under very specific conditions. This requires not only the right humidity and temperature, but also a certain pressure. It is therefore clear that the crystal is closely connected to the earth and is of enormous importance simply by surviving numerous episodes. Each stone slumbers only so full of knowledge and energy.

It is closely connected with the creation of our world and has survived all eras of humanity. If the crystal is processed into a crystal skull, the crystal finds connection to universal life. The stones already have enormous power and energy before. If they are then also finished into the shape of a skull, they can unfold this even more. So if we humans open our heads, we receive many interesting and different data and information through the crystal.




Everything is interconnected : legends around Crystal Skulls

If we think of different spiritual traditions or quantum physics, we know that everything has a consciousness and is connected to each other. Whether we believe it or not, between heaven and earth there are things that cannot be explained. While some people feel connected to animals, trees or nature in general, others feel a connection to crystals.

No matter whether it is a large predator or a small, delicate bird. Every species of this earth has a skull, which is a matrix for consciousness. Within the skull the brain has its place, which is responsible and required for the processing of information. If we deal with the chakras, a connection via the head as an interface for consciousness and other dimensions is established, which enables a translation for our mind. This model also works the other way round, namely as a transmitter.

Crystals are able to absorb and store incredible amounts of data, which is why they are also used in many technologies around the computer world. Thanks to this property, crystals possess an enormous amount of knowledge due to the long period of time in which they already exist. From the creation of the world, rituals, spiritual things and healing work. So the healing power of the crystal skull is enormous.

Where are crystal skulls?

As already described, the crystal skulls are available in numerous designs made of different stones. The question is now: which skull fits me. Sometimes the skull already appears in dreams and enters into communication in advance, so to speak. But this can also happen via a picture. When you meet a suitable skull, whether via picture or physically, you usually have a gut feeling. It usually feels as if you have met an old acquaintance again after a long time. It is also possible that one feels a special feeling of being drawn in or is strongly moved and starts to cry.

With the skull an angel or light being moves in, which supports us with its possibilities. It is not always necessary to feel directly addressed by only one skull, it is also possible to keep several crystal skulls. Each of the skulls fulfils its own tasks, which are supported by the respective crystal. Since the skulls also communicate with each other, it is often not bad to keep several of them.

Proper care of the Crystal Skull

Others may think you're a nutcase, but a crystal skull is a bit like a good friend. It is best to give it its own place where it is kept. When it has been worked with, it should be waxed or fumigated with running water to neutralise the energies. The skull consists of a very specific material. To keep its colour, it should not be placed directly in the sun. But do not worry. Even if you work with it in the sun and it loses some of its colour, it will not lose its power and effect. Stones that are particularly calcareous or metalliferous should not be treated with water and should instead be neutralised with the help of smoke or singing beads.