Mr Gauky

Mr Gauky is a Yorkshire born, London based artist, Illustrator and biro wielding owl aficionado. He paints, draws and creates superbly intricate character based pieces. We caught up with Mr Gauky to have a quick chat about his work and his piece for Skull & Heart, the wonderfully named ‘Birdbrain’.

Q: Hi Gauky, How are you doing today?

A: All’s good, just busy sorting out my new workspace, I’m still in the midst of unpacking after moving house and studio. Don’t think I’ll be settled till everythings in place, so its tricky getting work done. Guess I’m a creature of habit.

Q: We’re so happy you were able to create such an awesome print for us, thank you so much! you know we love you here at S&H so it’s been a real treat.

A: Your welcome, pleasure to be in such good company.

Q: How did you come about starting in this industry?

A: I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember, same as most people in illustration I guess. As kid I had a room under the stairs full of lego, pens, crayons and paper, and I’d just spend a lot of time there making and drawing things. Dropped out of school and spent most of my time skateboarding and working crap jobs, where I’d do more doodles than work. It wasn’t until later in life that I started taking it seriously. A friend saw some of my drawings and suggested that I go back to college, which then led to uni. It’s around that time that I started getting my first illustration work and I’ve been smashing out the ills since.

Q: Take us through a typical day for you?

A: Alots changed in the past few months and so my normal routeen went out the window. I recently started working at a print house in South London, screenprinting, curating their artist series, designing and working on a few other projects that I have to keep under raps for now.

However I still like to start my day the same way I did as a kid, with cartoons and breakfast, although I have to get up earlier than I used to (6:20am), so that I can fit in my morning routine. Then it’s a full day at print house, finish up there about 5.30, head home to eat and then crack on with what ever projects I have on till about midnight.

Q: Your work is found on many mediums, stretching your name from street artist to poster designer, to illustrator, how do you think this helps your process and the pieces you create; do you find yourself more influenced because of the different outlets?

A: Skateboarding opening my eyes to print, I loved the use of limited color schemes to create awesome board graphics, the same goes for posters. These both contributed to how I use color within my work. I wouldn’t consider myself a street artist, I just enjoy painting massive characters on walls and buildings, although it does make you think about how you build images up in layers. Regardless of the medium it’s just fun to come up with an idea and then apply it to something, wether that’s boards, walls, posters or canvas.

Q: How do you begin to create such crazy Gauky pieces?

A: Genrally its fueled by the things I collect or if it’s a particular theme I do lots of research and find elements that interest me. Then its just lot’s of doodling until something looks like it might work, I slap it on the lightbox, refine it and then paint, print or squirt it on to something.

Q: What and who are your inspirations?, do you have anything specific that helps shift you out of a rut?

A: I’m inspired by the things I collect and obbsevive over, owls in all shapes and forms, norse stuff and the occasion natical item, comics and toys, these all feed into what I do.

Their’s too many amazing artists out there to name them all, although luckily a lot of them have become friends over the years. Just seeing what their smashing out, drives me to create and push my capabilities. If I’m frustrated or in a rut, I’ll go for a skate to clear my head and that usually gives me a fresh perspective on things.

Q: Tell us about the piece you did for Skull & Heart.

A: Its nothing deep and thought provoking. I just wanted to draw two of my favorite things and that ended up being overly excited viking with his pet owl.

Q: Can you tell us about any future projects in the works?

A: I’m busy with the usually comissions and projects that pop up and plan to release more self intiated prints come January. In the little spare time I have, I’ve also been working a book project with an old friend and obbesive collector of retro memorabila. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can say two things… its theme is wrestling and its contains an amazing gang of illustrators, making every page an elbow drop to the face. I could’nt be happier about how its shaping up.

Q: And of course, Skulls or Hearts?

A: Hearts for girls and skulls for the boys.

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